FOCUS ON – Smaart V8

It is really difficult to synthesize all the capabilities of the most powerful and most popular audio measurement and acoustic analysis system in the world. Smaart v8 is used in multiple pro audio applications to display the frequency content of signals, to measure the SPL level in different modes, to measure the response of amplification systems and make the best decisions for their alignment. It is also able to perform measurements of the acoustic response of environments, identifying the parameters of reverb. Just like medical equipment for doctors, Smaart helps us to examine audio systems in detail and to identify and solve problems.

Smaart v8 is multi-channel, multi-platform and multi-window; is able to access all inputs and outputs of any audio card recognized by the computer and operate natively both in Windows and Mac operating systems. It is the operator who decides which and how many measuring channels to configure in Smaart, according to the investigations he wants to carry out and what he wants to measure. Smaart v8 can perform in real time multiple measurements of Spectrum and Transfer Function, in multiple windows, all from a single installation.

Smaart is useful and sometimes essential in many applications: in the management of PA on tour and events, for the control of the level and spectrum in the mixes, for the alignment of plants in fixed installations but also for laboratory measurements, environmental noise analysis, room sound correction, etc.

Video “What is Smaart”


  • Split into octave fraction bands up to 1/48 octave resolution
  • Multiple measurement channels at the same time allow viewing of multiple Rtas and creating "live averages " from multiple inputs
  • Display of data both as a continuous line and in bands
  • Peak-Holds, Curve Target, THD and calibrated graphs
  • Integrated FIFO average from 0 to infinity


  • Spectrum over time with width represented by color
  • Dynamic range adjustable in real time
  • 1000 or more history lines with scroll function
  • Adjustable line thickness
  • Colour or black and white display

SPL Meters

  • Window of level meters configurable in quantity according to the needs and from any input
  • Calibration of the inputs
  • Reading SPL Fast. SPL Slow, Leq, FS Peak, weighing A and C
  • Logging text file e graphic SPL History
  • Adjustable display, viewable by windows.
  • 2 alarm levels that can be set by the user

Transfer Function

  • Frequency, phase and consistency response graphs
  • Virtually unlimited simultaneous real-time computing engines
  • FFT with MTW (Multi-time-Window) with up to 1/48 octave resolution
  • Real-time average of weighed data compared to Coherence, average of already stored measurements
  • Automatic delay tracking measures and adjustments
  • TF delay for each measurement channel
  • Integrated average FIFO

Live IR

  • Window centered on the TF Delay
  • User-selectable FFT size up to 32k
  • Average FIFO up to 16 FIFO
  • Linear, logarithmic or ETC (Envelope Time Curve) data

Impulse response

For acoustic measurements of environments, Smaart offers a powerful set of instruments in Impulse Response mode, both in the time and frequency domain. Time domain analysis tools include logarithmic, linear and such as Energy Time Curve (ETC) pulse display, one-octave and 1/3 octave bandwidth filters, reverse time integration curve, and automatic calculation of parameters such as EDT, RT60 intelligibility factors, clarity indices, etc. Instruments for frequency domain analysis include spectrum analysis over arbitrary time intervals and spectrogram.

FOCUS ON – Roland VC-1-DMX

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Aggiornamenti Smaart v8, DI ed SPL

Sono stati rilasciatili aggiornamenti per Smaart v8, Smaart Di ed Smaart SPL . Questi aggiornamenti gratuiti contengono importanti aggiunte/miglioramenti di funzionalità e correzioni di bug


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FOCUS ON – iSEMcon EMX 7150

Today we introduce you the EMX-7150 measuring microphone of iSEMcon, a German company specialized in the production of high quality measuring microphones, calibrators and accessories for acoustic measurements.