Percorsi di formazione

For us it is a real mission, training new technologies not only means explaining how a software or a product works but how to use it at its best in the professional life of every day.
In fact, the purpose of the Mods Art courses is to provide, expand and deepen the technical knowledge necessary for the correct use of professional audio systems and equipment, but also enhance personal skills, reorder and consolidate knowledge and methods of both beginners and established professional technicians.

The courses was born from our product specialists, professionals with years of experience in the field who have decided as a mission to devote themselves to teaching. The attitude, the topics covered and especially our teaching method, aim to provide techniques and tools immediately usable on the field.

Choose from the available courses:

Professional training course on the basic knowledge necessary for the audio technician who designs and installs sound diffusion systems, such as audio systems for concerts or for any other type of event.

Intensive training course which sets the foundations for a solid construction of the profession of sound engineer-technician audio.

Mods Art gives you the opportunity to make specific individual lessons on dedicated topics and with the possibility to do practical exercises in our office.