General description: Intensive training course which sets the foundations for a solid construction of the profession of sound engineer-technician audio.

Structure and timing of the course:4 forms to be completed during the year of registration.

• Module 1: 2 intensive days on essential topics such as elements of acoustics and psychoacoustics, sound diffusion, audio signals, electrical elements.

• Module 2: 2 intensive days on analog and digital audio signal and transport techniques, microphones, preamplifiers, filters, equalizers.

• Module 3: 2 days intensive theory and practice on dynamic and reverb processors, analog mixer and digital mixer, tests and mixing exercises.

• Module 4: 2 days intensive theory and practice on the principles of operation of speakers and complex systems of amplification, design, installation and alignment of audio systems

Target audience:audio technicians already operating in the sector, musicians, producers, Djs and other operators in the sector and audio enthusiasts.

Requirements of participants:interest in music and audio technologies. Possession of pc (windows and/or mac).

Purpose:provide, expand and deepen the technical knowledge necessary for the correct use of professional audio systems and equipment. Enhance your personal skills.

Teacher: Francesco Apolloni (curriculum)