Fundamental for educational purposes is the deepening of specific topics in order to remove doubts or perplexity that you carry around in time.

The Mods Art Mods Art gives you the opportunity to make specific individual lessons on dedicated topics and with the possibility to do practical exercises in our office where professional audio equipment is available for live in addition to the recording studio P.I.M.S. Studio.

The didactic approach will be customized according to the specific needs of the student, his technical knowledge but also to personal peculiarities; for this reason the program and the timing of the meetings will be agreed directly with the instructor.


For those who have already done the course PA SYSTEM DESIGN will be able to program in-depth and practical exercises of design, installation, measurement (with Smaart V8) and alignment of an audio system.

Particularly formative can be the exercises of mix and advanced use of reverb and dynamic processors and automation systems; for example, for those who usually work as a live sound engineer, Having the opportunity to practice and deepen the multiple aspects of a mix in a professional studio can be of great benefit.

For those coming from far away we will be happy to facilitate your stay by suggesting accommodation solutions.

For individual course bookings and cost information please contact